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About 21century community

Hi reader,  Welcome to 21century community (21cencomm) my name is David TC,  The founder.

Wanna give ya a short detailed info bout us and what we provide or represent.

Our website 21century, is an online community created to give its users current information they want and need to  know and also provide a community where by its users can interact and discuss about current happenings  what so ever .

Here are list of what we provide

  • News updates
  • Valuable information, e.g HOW TOs
  • Inspirational contents
  • Entertainment, e.g Online jokes and stories

How and when we started operating

21century community started from a Whatsapp group on 27-04-2017 with its first name as ‘ HOUSE OF COMEDY AND FUN ‘ which was latter changed to ‘ FUN AVENUE ‘ and finally 21century community.

Our main goal

When creating this website, 21century community, our main aim was to provide an online community that  will serve as an online group of people that shares same interest.  This is 21century, people this days especially the youth and teenagers tend to spend 75% of their day online, with their mobile phones, laptops or other online accessing devices.

Join us today

There are still rooms for new members in this community, if you hadn’t gotten an account with us yet, please do so. Join us today let’s make a deference and have fun together.  Click here to register.

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About the founder

David Tochukwu Chukwu AKA David TC or DTC,  owns and operates this community. David TC is from easten part of nigeria Ebonyi state but was born and brought up at northen part of nigeria Lafia, Nasarawa state. He loves and enjoys Drawing, discovering, creating and designing.  Follow him on social media, Facebook Twitter Instagram at dtc150.

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