21century launching

Today being 27th-09-2018, is the day we will be launching this website, 21century community.

My names are David Tochukwu Chukwu, the founder of this community. I started building this website four (4) months back and I want to thank God that finally i was able to achieve what i want and how i want it, which are..

  • A website to share information, news and entertainments


  • A community to share knowledge amongst ourselves, treat viral topics from members and have participants earn some income for participating as members of 21CENCOMM


This website is divided into three parts, let me lead you through for more understanding of where you are, and how we operate.

1.  The blog page, which is the front page


2. The community, where members can communicate with each other


3. Our forum, where members can create topics for discussion

1.  The blog page

This is the first place your browser leads you to when you visit this website, it’s called THE FRONT PAGE.  here, you will find things like

(1) ALL kinds of NEWS e.g, Entertainments news, celebrity news, political news, Local & Foreign news of all type.

(2)  INFORMATION, like things you need or want to know e.g, HOW TO DOs, and also anything we were able to discover, Yes, We do discovering, then share valuable information we were able to get with readers, and they are published on the blog page.

2.  The community

This is a page located in the menu on the site header. A place where members can interact with each other, ask questions and get an answer,  also make new friends.


3. The forum

Here, members can create & post all kinds of articles E.g,  Jokes and all entertainments contents, Stories and more.

Now you know a little about 21CENCOMM, to know more, please use our ABOUT US page on the footer of the front page to read more about us and how we operate. Thank you for reading and once again welcome to our home

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